Another stress free, prep. free Christmas

Looking for a nice final lesson before Christmas?

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Why not take the ideas from last year’s Stress free, prep. free Christmas but use this year’s John Lewis Christmas advertisement. I’ve done it with a few groups and they loved it.

Example Task to give to students in groups before they watch the video (adapt to the level of your students)

Susi and Edgar were great friends. They lived in the same village, and played together whenever they could. Unfortunately and not intentionally, Edgar tended to ruin all the fun and games for the other villagers. One fateful day it all went very wrong for Edgar, he caused a terrible accident and the villagers were horrified by what happened. Not wanting to upset the villagers further he decided to lock himself away. Susi didn‘t want Edgar to be upset and alone so she thought of a way to get him back and make both him and the villagers happy again.

What did Susi do? Ask yes/no questions to find out more and decide how Susi was able to fix everything.


Author: Emma Jones

A CELTA Tutor based in Munich and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to CELTA

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