CELTA interview tips

As we are in the process of interviewing for our summer CELTA courses in Munich, I have interviews on my mind so here are some tips on how to score points during the interview process in addition to our previous post on the CELTA interview itself.

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lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dFollow instructions throughout the application and interview process. There is always a reason why you’re being asked to do something. Listen/ read and follow these instructions carefully. For example, if the centre asks you to submit a piece of writing of 250 words, make sure you write approximately 250 words not 50 or 500!lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dBe truthful at your interview! The reason you are asked to disclose health issues is not because your tutor wants to be nosy but because there might be things your tutors can help you with during the course. lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dIf you are asked to do a group task at interview, think about why you are being asked to do this. Working as a part of a team is extremely important on a CELTA course and your interviewer needs to see you are able to do this so try not to be too dominant or too passive.lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dPrepare any questions you have before the interview. The centre will normally include an information session about the course in which most of these questions will be answered but it’s always good to have your questions prepared.lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dIf you are offered a place, be efficient at sending in registration documents- this makes the whole procedure easier for all involved. If you are not offered a place, brush up on your language awareness by looking at some grammar books such as Murphy’s English Grammar in Use, Swan’s Practical English Usage or doing Jo Gakonga’s Grammar for Language Teachers online course. You can then reapply.lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!dGiving and receiving feedback is an essential part of the course. Think beforehand about whether this is something you might find difficult. If so, come up with some strategies for how you will overcome this. Your tutors will be pleased to hear you are suggesting a solution.lightbulb_bulb_light_idea_energy_power_innovation_creative-1168774.jpg!d

When completing the language awareness test and when answering any language questions in the interview try and explain your answers in a simple way. The interviewer would like to get a feel for how you are at explaining things to students. If you’re clarifying what a “table” is, you should be using very simple language, or, even better, visuals, as this would be aimed at a low level student.

Have you been through the CELTA interview process? Do you have anything to add?

Author: Amanda Momeni

A CELTA tutor, English language tutor and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to CELTA

2 thoughts on “CELTA interview tips”

  1. Hey dear , I m looking forward to get admission in CELTA course , and for this I need help regarding , application process , interview , etc will b looking forward for your feed back .
    I m non native English speaker so guide me accordingly .


    1. Hello Sumaira, we have a couple of posts about the application procedure so have a look at both of those for some advice. Our book “The Ultimate Guide to CELTA” also has a lot of tips about the interview process. It is available on amazon as a book/ ebook. Being a NNS will not hold you back from getting a place as long as you have a good C1 level of English. Good luck!


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