What is TUGtoC?


What is The Ultimate Guide to CELTA?

TUGtoC follows four fictional trainees on their four-week intensive CELTA course through their diary entries. It is a light-hearted look at how they cope with the challenges CELTA throws at them but  also contains more serious elements and information about the course.


Why did we write The Ultimate Guide to CELTA?

We set out with the idea of creating a guide for our own trainees taking the course in Munich and then quickly realised it could be something all trainees would benefit from. After Emma attended a workshop on self-publishing, we decided that would be the path to take.

What does The Ultimate Guide to CELTA include?

As well as the diary entries you will find:

  • Advice on how to make sure you are offered a place on a course.
  • Background information covering all aspects of the CELTA course.
  • Tips on how to ensure you get the most from your course.
  • Checklists to refer to during your course.
  • QR codes to our regularly updated blog.
  • A glossary of terminology used on CELTA courses.

Who are the characters?

Harassed Henry who has recently taken voluntary redundancy and is facing the challenges of a career change.

Fastidious Felicity who feels she was born to be a teacher.

Chilled-out Charlie who enjoys travelling and wants CELTA so he can combine his travels with earning some money.

Anxious Ana, a non-native speaker who wants a CELTA qualification so she can prove her abilities.

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How does it help CELTA trainees or people thinking of doing CELTA?

If you are unsure whether CELTA really is for you before you shell out a lot of money, the book should give you an insight into what the course will involve for you as well as for those around you! It’ll give you an idea as to how you can prepare yourself for the course and also advice on how to get the most of of your CELTA course.

What have people said about TUGtoC so far?

“…an accessible and truthful account of and guide to surviving the CELTA and we will most definitely share it with prospective and current trainees.” (Teacher Trainer)

“This book is great for anyone interested in CELTA because you are exposed to the termonology used throughout the duration of the course and feel more prepared for the ups and downs of this experience.” (CELTA Trainee)

“It offers a good panorama of what the CELTA course involves … it’s packed with useful information and even contains a glossary of expressions and acronyms.” (CELTA Trainer)

“It sensitised me to the world of CELTA.” (CELTA Trainee)

“I found the reflective parts of the book interesting- I like the honesty.” (CELTA Trainee)

“It is highly amusing. And helpful, of course!” (CELTA Trainee)

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Don’t go blindly into CELTA.” (CELTA Trainee)

“Get this book and spare yourself a lot of grief and heartache.” (CELTA Trainee)

“You need this for your CELTA!” (CELTA Trainer)




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