The Perfect Trainee

In my previous post I talked about a difficult trainee but I don’t want to harp on only about negatives because that’s not what I’m about.  I have seen many genuinely lovely people walk through our doors who have gone out into the teaching world and done very well for themselves because they had at least some elements of my idea of a perfect trainee.  I don’t want to single anyone out here so instead I would like to list some qualities of what I consider to be required to be a perfect trainee.

If you have only glanced over The Ultimate Guide to CELTA you might think that someone like Fastidious Felicity would be anyone’s idea of perfect but were you to read it more closely you would see that she definitely has flaws.  I don’t really think anyone can be the full package but some of our graduates have come close.

© The Ultimate Guide to CELTA


The perfect trainee…….

  • is well-organised
  • is never late
  • respects his/her tutors
  • participates in input sessions
  • participates in feedback sessions
  • can marry what they learn in input sessions with their teaching practice
  • takes feedback on board and incorporates areas to work on in the next lesson(s)
  • helps his/her peers
  • has a good rapport with his/her learners

This list is by no means exhaustive, what would you add to the list?  Could you be the perfect trainee?


Author: Emma Jones

A CELTA Tutor based in Munich and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to CELTA

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